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5 Healthy & Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

The 4th of July this year is on a Tuesday, inconveniently wedged in the middle of a workweek. Sometimes it takes a holiday to force us to take some time off from work. Needless to say, most of us can use a little time off to relax and unwind. In other words, you and your family can enjoy yourselves and stay healthy doing so.

Enjoying the holidays does not require spending a lot of cash. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to have fun. It’s equally important to recharge yourself to avoid burnout.

  1. Family Fun & 4th of July BBQ

Take the lead of families that head to beaches and parks, where they can pitch a tent and enjoy food and drinks. They will find a good spot early in the morning and stay for the day to enjoy the beach and socialize. Veteran’s Park[1] is a local spot in Redondo Beach where many SoCal families gather near the pier.

  1. Find a Free 4th of July Fireworks Display

There are many affordable and even free firework displays out there, like the fireworks put on by the Redondo Beach community[2]. If you do your research, I’ll bet you can find a free or affordable community fireworks display the whole family can enjoy.

  1. Play an Outdoor Sport with Loved Ones

There are several outdoor sports family and friends can enjoy that are free.

Three Top Summer Sports

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Tackle Football
  1. Stay Fit & Exercise

5 Healthy & Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

Take advantage of the summer weather and jump on your beach cruiser or put on your running shoes. Getting out doors is the key. Downtime in between work and school is optimal for getting fit. Indeed, it’s especially nice to enjoy the nice summer weather, but also soak up the sun and get some natural dose of Vitamin D. Studies show that outdoor activities help boost your mood. Research[3] concludes that outdoor activities and sports primarily benefit youth both physically and mentally. You can even schedule group exercise like going for a hike with some friends, participating in stroller-moms power walks, going for a group run or group road biking. Hey, and if you love the sand and ocean, why not play a round or two of volleyball?

  1. Enjoy 4th of July Summer Sales

Do you need to run errands or have you been meaning to purchase items on your list? Alternatively, maybe you just want to treat yourself to something nice? How about you do a little shopping and take advantage of store discounts? There is no better time than when there are sales or promotions to get your shop on.

Remember to stay safe this 4th of July and celebrate the independence of our nation in a healthy and fit manner.

[1] https://www.yelp.com/biz/veterans-park-redondo-beach

[2] https://www.southbayevents.com/4th-of-july-in-the-south-bay/

[3] http://www.imosc.org/sbornik/sbornik2010_web.pdf#page=5



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