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5 Simple Mommy And Toddler Exercises

Mommy and toddler exercises can be a great way to bond with your child + get fit. You can invest in 310 Gym at home fitness equipment and or do some simple exercises. If you are a busy mom, then finding time to exercise might be a challenge. My daughter turned 2-years-old this past May and staying fit is hard, but I do burn calories chasing her around. So, if you are a busy mom, finding time to exercise can be a challenge but it’s possible!

Easy Mommy And Toddler Exercises

These exercises left me sore the next day, so do not let the simplicity fool you. You can lose that baby weight while having fun bonding with your child.

Squats: Lower Body Workout

Squats are great with toddlers, because their weight is like carrying a set of dumbbells. My daughter, while petite, weighs a little over 25 pounds.

• Locking your hands and making a little seat on your lap is a great way to comfortably hold your toddler. You can also place your toddler on your shoulders, holding their hands to keep them from falling off, to perform squats.
• Squat, making sure that both feet are planted comfortably on the ground about shoulder-width apart. Then, bend your knees, keeping your back straight to ensure proper posture. Lower yourself until your thights are parallel to the ground.
• Depending upon how much your toddler weighs, make sure your heels don’t rise off the ground as you squat. If this happens, re-position your body to ensure that you are executing your squats properly.

Stairs/Steps: Lower Body Workout

• One of the easiest ways to do stairs is to strap your toddler on your back or position them on your chest using a carrier.
• You can also cradle them by having them sit in your locked hands in front of you.

Bicep Curls: Upper Body Workout

• Hold your toddler against your chest with your arms behind their back and your hands gripping their shoulders. Lower your toddler so they tilt back until his or her head is just below your waste. Then, bring your toddler back to your chest by curling your arms.
• Doing 10 arm curls with your daughter or son might not seem like much, but you’ll feel it the next day. I know I did.

Sit Ups: Core Workout

• To exercise your core, one simple way to get your abs in shape is to sit your toddler on your stomach.
• You can decide to do crunches or full sit ups depending on your comfort level.

Oblique Side Twists: Core Workout

• To target those love handles, face your toddler toward your chest so that their legs straddle your waist. Then twist your trunk from side to side.

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Timing Your Mommy And Toddler Exercises

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to toddlers who might get a little grumpy. Make sure that your little one has already taken a nap and is fed, as these two simple tips make for a more willing participant.

Still, your toddler might be like mine and is not in the mood to cooperate. While I got through my mommy and toddler exercises, near the end it got a bit rough. As you can see from my Facebook video, my daughter was not really in the mood to stay put. Toddlers have short attention spans and often are challenged by sitting still. Make sure to take needed breaks in between your mommy and toddler exercises, as they can also tax your toddler, too. Remember, you are bonding with your child and burning calories at the same time.

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So Moms, Have Fun With Your Toddlers And Get Your Sweat On!

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