Breasts: Will You Lose Them After Losing Weight?

Breasts: Will You Lose Them After Losing Weight?

May 17, 2017

Breasts are an intimate part of a woman’s body, especially if we want to discuss cup size. But, just as sensitive of a subject is body image, our size, and shape. A woman’s body consists of 25% of body fat compared to a man’s body, which has 15%. Now, some might think that a 10% difference isn’t a big deal, but 10% is a lot.

Quick Math For Body Fat Percentage

Take your weight and multiply it by .1 to find out how much 10% is—it can actually be a lot! I will use my own weight as an example. During my pregnancy with my daughter, who is now 2 years old, I only gained 18 lbs. Looking back, although I am proud of myself for walking consistently throughout my pregnancy and staying healthy. I couldn’t shake 10 lbs. It seemed that I was 145 lbs for the longest time—try 2 years!

I did finally lose the weight, but it took a lot of exercise and eating smaller meals. I also replaced meals with protein shakes.

145 x .1 = 14.5

Essentially, 10% of my then weight equates to 14.5 lbs. I don’t know about you, but 14-15 lbs. of weight is a big difference. This is what women naturally struggle with just by being born a woman. Women have 10% more fat than men do; we tend to get cellulite on our thighs where the average man doesn’t ordinarily struggle with unwanted dimples.

Breasts Are Nothing More Than Fat

Yes ladies, our bodies and hips are meant for child bearing. Our breasts are made up of fat. And let’s face it, the math doesn’t lie—10% of extra weight can amount to a lot.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation our breasts are made up of adipose tissue, which in simpler terms is nothing more than fat. On average healthy breasts contain 12-20 lobes, which divide into sections. Lobes break down into the smaller lobules, otherwise known as the gland that produces breast milk.

Breasts tend to sag and lose its elasticity when fatty tissue reduces in that area. However, women can avoid the inevitable droop by knowing the types of exercise to execute.

Free Weight Exercises For Your Breasts

If you build your pectoral muscles, doing pectoral exercises that target those muscles then you can firm your breasts.

Pushups: The standard pushup is great for building your chest muscles and helping to firm the breasts.

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Suggestion For Women: Try doing sets of 10 at first. Hey, maybe you can even build up to doing 10 sets of 10, which equals 100 pushups! If you need to use your knees, there is no shame in that. As long as you are keeping proper form, it’s better than doing pushups with bad form.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press: You don’t have to go really heavy, if you start out choosing light-weights anywhere from 5-15 lbs. Ladies, if you think you can do more, go for it.

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Barbell Bench Press: This is the standard bench press using a straight barbell. When you first do it, ladies should just try the bar.

Suggestion For Women: I personally think beginners should try the dumbbells first. Once you’re comfortable with doing the bench press, you can move towards barbell bench press. But, I would start with very light weight or no weight.

Ultimately, the idea is to do at least 10 reps. Bend your knees and make sure your back is flat against the ground. You want to make sure both arms are bent at the elbows and next to either side of the chest evenly.

Push the weights up at the same time. if you feel one arm giving out then try a lighter weight. It’s always better to go lighter and do more reps than going too heavy.

Breasts: Will You Lose Them After Losing Weight?Incline Dumbbell Press: Sit at an incline and position the dumbbells on either side next to your chest. It’s like the flat bench dumbbell press, only the incline targets your upper pecs.

Incline Barbell Bench Press: Instead of using dumbbells to do the bench press, you can use a straight barbell. However, this usually requires assistance and a spotter. Even if you’re going really light, it’s better to have a gym partner to spot you just in case.

Incline Dumbbell Tate Press With Resistant Bands:

If you want to take dumbbell presses to the next level, try adding resistant bands.

Suggestion For Women: Between dumbbells or the barbell bench, incline, or decline press. I would suggest that women begin with dumbbells. The best thing about using dumbbells is that you can do various types of pectoral exercises that target different parts of your pectoral major. Not to mention, these dumbbell exercises will keep your breasts looking perky. So, if you have an adjustable bench at home great. Most gyms also have the necessary equipment you need.

Breasts: Will You Lose Them After Losing Weight?Perky Breasts Using Pec Machines

Machine Dips: Dips for the chest uses your own body weight and targets not only your chest, but your entire upper body. It is exactly how it sounds. Placing yourself between a dip bar, you grip the handles on your right and left. Bending your knees so you don’t touch the ground, you dip you body.

Suggestion For Women: There are dip machines that will assist you with chest dips. If you’ve been to the gym I’m positive you’ve seen it. The assisted dip machine has a cheat pad where you can kneel, adjust the weight and do chest dips without the struggle. The reason why I say struggle, well, have you ever tried dips? They’re pretty hard. Ladies, I don’t want to scare you.

But, if you’re not a female body builder and kind of a beginner then I suggest the chest dip using the assisted dip machine. Most fit men have well developed pectoral muscles. So naturally, the unassisted chest dip is easier for them. When struggle with dips because like I said, we’re born with more fat. Remember, fat makes up most of our breasts.

Pec Deck Machine (Butterflies): Sitting down, make sure to press your back against the back pad. Then place your hands on the handles on either side of you and squeeze the handles together. Immediately you will notice your chest muscles constricting and tightening.

Suggestion: If you don’t feel comfortable using free weights such as dumbbells and don’t care to do push ups. Then, your second best option is to use the exercise machines. The reason I say this is because free weights require focusing on your form. If you don’t have the correct form, you can injure yourself or not target the correct muscle. With exercise machines, yes you can still do it incorrectly. However, there is less chances that you screw it up.

There Are Ways To Exercise Your Breasts

There are other types of workouts that will help build muscle and reduce chances of deflated breasts. However the above two are the simplest and what you can do in your home. You can get a set of dumbbells at any sports and exercise store, online, or at some major department stores like Walmart and Target.

So, when you lose weight understand that you will lose weight all over. Unfortunately, unless you get plastic surgery, you can’t “spot reduce.” Meaning, you can’t go running daily and expect only your legs to lose the weight. Your abs, arms, back, and chest lose the weight too. That’s why when you exercise; ladies make sure you have a supportive sports bra, especially when you’re doing cardio.

As women, we do have to work harder to burn off that extra 10% of fat we’re just born with. Know it’s possible to lose the weight and still keep your breasts from appearing depleted.


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