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Countdown To Christmas: Stuck In A Fit-less Rut?

Fitness is possible around the holidays, regardless if you’re in a fit-less rut, it simply requires a little extra push and a lot of personal motivation. It can especially be difficult to shift into overdrive when encountering unfriendly weather. You might also be one of the 3 million people who suffer from a little S.A.D. (seasonal affect disorder).

Countdown To Christmas: Stuck In A Fit-less Rut?Feeling Fit-less Around The Holidays?

Do not despair; the winter months can be difficult. Regardless if you live in sunshine or snow country, statistically speaking many Americans are reported to exercise less each winter. On average, people exercise more during the spring and summer months, while this number drops roughly by 2.5% in the winter, according to a Gallup poll[1].

The winter months can challenge your enthusiasm, making it more difficult to get yourself moving. However, being mobile is better than staying stagnant and stationary. If you are feeling like slumbering rather than running, before trying to run maybe you should walk?

Count Down To Fitness: Starting Off Small

It is hard to get moving if you are in hibernation mode, but starting small is better than nothing at all. If you are an all or nothing type of person, while it is nice to be ambitious, it can often prevent us from starting. Sometimes in trying to do too much, we never start. Meanwhile, if we simply just begin, then we’ve already fought half the battle.

Personally, I always want to do more. In my head, I have to do one hour of cardio in order for it to count. If I do less, then I feel like a failure. Some of us have this perfectionist mindset. Being all or nothing is ambitious, but it can also set us up for disappointment. We sabotage ourselves before we begin because if we are not going to exercise perfectly, we’d rather not do it at all.

Bouncing Back From Injury Or A Fit-less Slump

Countdown To Christmas: Stuck In A Fit-less Rut?

Nevertheless, recently I found myself having major knee surgery for a torn meniscus and torn ACL. A full leg cast later, I was in crutches and unable to do any exercise. The doctor instructed me to keep off my leg completely and that I was unable to even put the slightest weight on my repaired leg!

Bouncing back from a fit-less rut, whether it is forced or volunteered, the point is to start where you are at. If you are recovering from an injury, some exercises both prevent further injury and help ease your way out of fit-less stagnation.

Two Safe Exercises For Post-Injury Or Returning From An Exercise Lull

  • Swimming: While some of us don’t have a pool in our backyard, there are ways to gain access to one. You can join a gym with a pool, research local public pools or join a nearby YMCA. Any three options give you access to a pool. Swimming is one fun way to burn calories while being safe on sensitive injury-prone areas like your back and knees.
  • Walking: You might want to run, but before some of us can, we need to walk. This is true if coming out of an injury. My knee injury set me back by 3 months. Even after the full leg brace came off, I couldn’t do vigorous exercise right away. Doctor’s orders were that I would need to start slowly and work my way back towards strenuous exercise.

If you are freshly returning to exercise after being away from it, easing back in helps to reduce chances of falling off the fitness wagon. Sometimes if we set too high of a bar, we might be successful a few days but it will be hard to follow through to achieve a lofty goal. Follow-through is the biggest challenge in maintaining our weight loss goals, so setting attainable realistic goals is imperative.

You can enjoy the holidays and also maintain your fitness goals. Don’t wait until the New Year to become the new you!

Countdown To Christmas: Stuck In A Fit-less Rut?












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