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Diabetes Awareness Month: Can You Avoid Being Diabetic?

November is national diabetes awareness month to shed light on a condition that affects over 30 million people in the United States alone, while another 7.2 million are undiagnosed, according to the American Diabetes Association.

Ninety to 95 percent of sufferers have type 2 diabetes while the remaining 1.25 million have type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Awareness Month: Can You Avoid Being Diabetic?Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition where the the immune systems mistakenly attacks and destroys beta cells in the pancreas. Both genetic and environmental causes may play a role, but it remains unclear exactly what triggers such an immune system attack.

Type 2 diabetes begins when your body is unable to use insulin efficiently, which prompts the pancreas to kick into overdrive. The body has a hard time keeping up with the result being high blood sugar and, eventually, the cessation of any insulin production.

Gestational diabetes takes place only during pregnancy when hormones block insulin.

When this happens, your body no longer can or use insulin. The pregnant mother becomes

insulin resistant, thus creating a built up of insulin in the body. Therefore, expecting mothers with gestational diabetes will require three times the amount of insulin!

Causes of Diabetes

If you are a diabetic, there are different factors that result in type 1, 2, and gestational Diabetes Awareness Month: How 310 Nutrition Is A Diabetic-Friendly Branddiabetes.

The Type 1 Diabetic

Aside from heredity, the cause of type 1 diabetes is largely unknown. This type of diabetes is an autoimmune disorder. Genetic predisposition to diabetes is possible with a family history of type 1 diabetics. Annually, 13,000 new type 1 diabetes cases are diagnosed in children and teens.

Food & Obesity: The Type 2 Diabetic

Food consumption and obesity has a direct connection to type 2 diabetes.

According to research[1], the growing number of obese individuals heightens the number of type 2 diabetics diagnoses:

“Most patients with type 2 diabetes are obese, and the global epidemic of obesity largely explains the dramatic increase in the incidence and prevalence of type 2 diabetes over the past 20 years. Currently, over a third (34%) of U.S. adults are obese (defined as BMI >30 kg/m2), and over 11% of people aged ≥20 years have diabetes (1), a prevalence projected to increase to 21% by 2050 (2).”

However, not everyone who is obese becomes a diabetic. Ultimately, everyone’s body responds differently to insulin.

Pregnancy & The Gestational Diabetic

While weight gain is natural for pregnant women, too much can cause problems. Excessive weight[2] gain during pregnancy can lead to hypertension and gestational diabetes.

Diabetes Awareness Month: Can You Avoid Being Diabetic?

However, one study[3] found that women with gestational diabetes had another factor in common. They were aready overweight or obese before pregnancy and had a family history of diabetes.

310 Shakes Are Healthy Option for Diabetics

Diabetes Awareness Month: Can You Avoid Being Diabetic?

310 Nutrition offer protein shakes that are dairy-free and sugar-free. They taste so good it’s like drinking a sinful milkshake.

Diabetes Awareness Month: Can You Avoid Being Diabetic?We offer great tasting flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, salted caramel, and my favorite, vanilla chai.
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  1. Diabetes is one of the highest raising diseases of this century and while we can’t control the Type 1, Type 2 is all about our lifestyles. We should be more careful with what we put in our bodies and exercise towards a healthier us.

  2. this is such good information. Especially for me because I am borderline diabetic and it runs in my family.

  3. you are doing a great thing, raising awareness for diabetes.
    I have family member from both sides of my family with type one diabetes ( I know what you are thinking “yikes”) so I take care of myself and do regular check ups….

  4. This is great information for those who have diabetes and want to prevent it. Coming from someone who use to have diabetes this is a great read.

  5. Type 2 diabetes is on both sides of my family so I really try to practice a healthy lifestyle. My daughter recently went through gestational diabetes with her last child, she was not over weight but has the family history.

  6. From first hand experience its so true it can be turned around. In April I was warned I was pretty much at risk of getting type 2. Right away I changed the diet I wasn’t actually happy with (up until this point I’d always been very healthy) began working out and changing my habits. Within two months I’d lost two stone and my test results came back so much better. Its great you are raising awareness with this post, it gives people hope rather than assuming that if they have it – thats it. Very inspiring!

  7. This is such an informational post. I knew about Diabetics but not the details and the difference in type 1 and type 2. Avoiding Diabetes is what the generation should focus on and the importance of it.

  8. This such a helpful and great information about Diabetes. We should aware of this and the foods that we are going to it. Prevention is better than cure. Thanks for raising awareness about this.


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