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Bored with Eggs? Elevate Your Egg Game

Egg Burnout? It happens to the best of us. A major key to the nutrition component of building lean muscle is protein, and eggs are one of the best whole food sources of protein for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight and/or follow a healthy diet.

Even Vegetarians Choose Eggs

Even some vegetarians opt to eat eggs and/or egg whites to supplement their protein intake. Eggs can be seasoned to taste and they pair well with other foods, not just for breakfast but for every meal. A whole egg not only provides muscle-sculpting protein, but also offers essential fat nutrients, while an egg white (or four) provides protein without the fat and extra calories.

Eggs are pretty perfect, but for many who eat them every day, they can get old and boring. This is why it’s so important to diversify the eggs crossing your plate. Here are a few fun new ideas to spice up (literally!) your egg profile:

Green Eggs n’ Ham

Eggs really only need a little seasoning to be great, but something that really shakes things up is fresh herbs. Putting a savory, fragrant batch of fresh herbs like thyme, oregano, basil, and rosemary into a food processor with a bit of olive oil elevates regular old eggs to culinary delight status.

Eggs With Avocado Toast

It’s hard to trust folks who don’t love avocado! Joking, but avocado is pretty wonderful. Aside from guacamole, it often seems as though avocado was created for breakfast. Partnering some hearty multigrain toast with smashed avocado, lightly seasoned with just a bit of black pepper and topped with cage free is a perfectly healthy way to start the day.

It covers protein, fat, and carbs in a beautifully composed dish and satiates you in a way that won’t leave you snacking all morning until lunch.

Old-Fashioned Egg White Scramble

There’s no better way to cover all your breakfast bases than a scramble. To make life easier, keep a carton of liquid cage free egg whites to make this dish easy. You simply season and sauté some ground turkey or chicken, or even turkey bacon or sausage, chopped. Once the meat is cooked all the way through, you cover shallow sauté pan with the egg white mixture and some fresh veggies, like freshly chopped kale or spinach and mushrooms. To really elevate this dish, you can steam and lightly sauté cubed sweet potato pieces and add them along with the eggs and other veggies. Either way, it’s difficult to go wrong with this dish; it’s filling and delicious.

Don’t stop eating eggs. They’re pretty much one of nature’s perfect foods, particularly for health and weight loss. If you’re getting tired of them, it’s best to diversify the way you’re preparing them in a way  that still allows you to get the nutrients and weight management benefits they afford.

Bon Appétit!

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