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How Ellie the Elf Got Her Holiday Groove Back Using 310 Healthy Lifestyle Products!

Meet Ellie the Elf! Ellie’s job is spreading Christmas cheer and helping other elves in Santa’s workshop make toys for children… Ellie is getting her elf groove with the help of 310 Nutrition healthy lifestyle products…

A trusted elf friend came along and told Ellie about 310 Nutrition! She credited the company and products for helping her acquire the energy she needed to excel at her job – and feel the best she’s ever felt! She said 310 Shakes have helped her keep up with the busy workload and still maintain a positive, cheery attitude.

She said the best part is she never feels deprived because the shakes come in a variety of yummy flavors and taste simply scrumptious. She feels like she’s indulging in dessert, but instead she’s drinking a healthy meal replacement with no sugar and only 90 calories per serving. Each shake has the protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, superfoods and even gut-healthy probiotics she needs in a nutritious meal. Plus, they’re quick and convenient!

Ellie decided to begin her 310 journey by ordering the Try it All Kit, which her friend told her was one of the best places to start, since it has all the essentials in various flavors – so she could find her favorites. She excitedly waited for her box to arrive in the mail, and when it did, it was like Christmas day for HER! She was always so busy thinking about others that she took very little time for herself, and now this was the gift that would keep on giving.

She immediately tried the Salted Caramel Shake and adored it! Move over Christmas cookies! And as she continued to try the rest of the flavors, she loved them all.

The kit also came with 310 healthy lemonades that help boost metabolism, detoxifying teas, superfood juices, a Shaker Cup, a $10 gift card, an e-book on how to live a healthy lifestyle, and a one-on-one consultation with a 310 Health Coach!

Ellie made the appointment with the coach right away, as she clearly needed some direction on how to improve her habits. The coach helped her devise a plan using her new products that perfectly suited her and her busy schedule working in Santa’s workshop.

Within just a few short weeks of using 310 products, Ellie already witnessed a major difference in how she felt! She had SO much energy, was getting better sleep at night, and was regaining her joy in the Christmas season! She could easily complete her daily tasks without being fatigued or tired, and she breezed right past the treats table in the office!

Instead, she looked forward to her delicious 310 Shakes each day. She found some mouthwatering recipes on the 310 website that she could whip up in a few minutes before leaving the house each morning.

Ellie is so happy knowing that she is getting her health back on track by using 310 products and living a clean, healthy lifestyle. In fact, she even saw the doctor recently who was so impressed with the ingredients in everything she was using; she knows they’re solutions that will continue to help her for the long-term!

Now Ellie is spreading the word about 310 to other elves that look overwhelmed this holiday season. She also loves helping others by sharing her story in the 310 Facebook Community. Now that she’s regained her happiness, she’s able to offer encouragement and cheer.

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