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Fitness Motivation: Put Yourself First!


Last year, I had a new fitness consulting client who was so excited about starting a new program cancel his first week. His reason(s)? Well, his dad’s dementia was getting worse, and his friend wasn’t returning his calls, and his cousin did something strange, and then there was some random drama with his neighbor. I listened–and sympathized–but essentially heard him saying that despite his goals and the advice of his physicians, he needed to have junk food to rely on and he needed to sit around feeling bad while eating it. I told him directly that while I was truly sorry he was experiencing turmoil, I was even sorrier if he was going to let these stresses–none of which are new–keep him 150 pounds overweight, borderline diabetic, deeply insecure and no longer able to compete in bodybuilding competitions (his true passion).

To be honest, we’ve all been in that place before. We want something different but can’t let go our issues long enough to achieve my goals. And because I personally understand that place, I’m usually quick to pacify with an “I understand,” followed by a backdown. But my previous conversation with this gentleman convicted me. He was tired. He was hurting. And he was over being in a place in his life where he felt inadequate. And ultimately, I didn’t have patience for excuses because I knew they didn’t serve him.

The Truth

The cold water is that there will always be something in the way. Life can suck, hard. Bad patches come. We can decide to be unhealthy and deal with these patches or be healthy and deal with them from that vantage point.  The truth is that many of us are fat and/or unhealthy because we can’t say “no.”

And man, we all get it. Everyone understands the last-minute re-directions that change your eating plan. A horrible, awful, no-good very bad day that throws you off your game and makes the gym seem like a gargantuan feat and pizza feel like a hug. Someone you haven’t seen in a while randomly popping up and asking you to go for a boozy dinner when you’re headed to the gym. Financial interference with the funds you’ve set aside for wellness in your life.

But make a commitment to yourself. A real promise to YOU. When people ask you to do something during your predetermined workout time, don’t feel bad saying “I can’t; I have to work out.” Don’t feel inadequate about not being able to purchase something materialistic because you have funds earmarked for your fitness classes, meal plan, or your 310 Lifestyle Bundle.

Erase the guilt and shame about working towards your goals. Because you will reach them.

Many people are embarrassed to have goals and secretly fear they can’t reach them. Pay that self-doubt no mind. You’ve got this!

Here’s What You Do

At the start of each week, set your goals for those seven days that keep you on track. Tell yourself “By any means necessary I will succeed in this; failure is not an option for me.” See yourself healthy. See yourself strong. Rejoice in your small successes and strive for more. Forget everything else. Dedicate yourself wholly to your personal wellbeing and do *whatever* you have to do to make yourself well. The beauty is not only will you reach those goals, the bad things will get smaller as you get healthier.

There will always be something in your way. Always. You must make room to be successful. Adjust your food the next day if you have to eat something that was more expensive calorically than you anticipated one day; schedule the drinks for later, after your workout, or for another day. Find ways to increase your budget for your fitness purchases and don’t beat yourself up or give up if there’s something you cannot do.

There will always be another option that blocks you from your goals. Life will happen. Just make sure you choose you, over and over again.

The greatest results will follow.


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