Good Mood Foods: What We Eat Affects Our Happiness

Good Mood Foods: What We Eat Affects Our #Happiness!

There are plenty of good mood foods out there that help us to turn our frown upside down. I know it seems too easy to eat our way towards a chipper mood. However, what we put in our body affects not just our physical form, but also our mind.Good Mood Foods: What We Eat Affects Our Happiness

According to natural medicine and clinical nutritionist, Dr. Josh Axe consuming good mood foods swears by the theory that food stabilizes mood:

“Our bodies actually respond to different types of foods in different ways. And some foods, like those full of “bad” carbohydrates — like white breads and pasta and deep-fried treats — can leave us feeling bloated and down in the dumps. Eating a poor diet is full of cascading effects that damage your mood.”

Alternative Sources of Brain Fuel

One interesting fact is that high carbohydrates help the brain release serotonin, which provides a temporary feeling happiness. However, too much carbohydrates also leads to weight gain. An alternative to sugar, fat, or carbohydrates improving serotonin levels is to eat vitamin B rich foods.

Here’s a list of good mood foods not necessarily in sequence of best, rather they’re in alphabetical order.

Breakfast Good Mood Foods (B12)

Some of the cereals are fortified with B12, so check the nutrition panel before purchasing.

Cereals Fortified With B12
•General Mills Cereals
•Kellogs Cereals
Dairy Containing B12
•Cottage cheese
•Raw cheese
•Raw Milk
Poultry Containing B12

Meats That Are Good Mood Foods (B12)

Good Mood Foods: What We Eat Affects Our Happiness

There are meat on this list that will surprise you. Yes, they are good mood foods!

•Beef (grass-fed)
•Corned Beef
•Cow Tongue
•Turkey Breasts

Seafood That Are Good Mood Foods (B12)

There is so much seafood that contain good mood foods!

•Calamari (Squid)

Vegetarian Good Mood Foods (Fortified with B12)

Good Mood Foods: What We Eat Affects Our Happiness

Here are just a few Vegetarian, non-dairy options however there are much more out there. Check to ensure that your vegetarian products are fortified with vitamin B12.

•Bragg Nutritional Yeast (B12 Fortified)
•Califia Farms Almond Milk (B12 Fortified)
•Daiya Cheddar Style Cheezy Mac (B12 Fortified)
•EdenSoy Extra (B12 Fortified)
•Living Harvest Tempt Hemp Milk (B12 Fortified)
•Luna Bar: Nutz Over Chocolate (B12 Fortified)
•Nasoya Tofu Plus (B12 Fortified)
•Nasoya Vegan Mayonnaise (B12 Fortified)
•Sosmix Vegan Sausage Mix (B12 Fortified)
•Soy Burger (B12 Fortified)
•Tempeh (B12 Fortified)
•Vecon Vegetable Stock (B12 Fortified)

Vitamin Rich Good Mood Foods: More Vegetables (Non-B12)

Vitamin dense vegetables that don't necessarily contain B12 can offer other vitamins our body and brain require. If you can't eat all of these vegetables, you can always consider super green juices such as 310 Super Juice.

•Alfalfa Sprouts
•Beet Root
•Bell Peppers (Red & Green)
•Bok Choy
•Brussel Sprouts
•Butternut Squash
•Cabbage (Green & Purple)
•Collard Greens
•Daikon Radish
•Mushrooms (All Types)
•Mustard Greens
•Pumpkin- Technically a Fruit
•Sweet Potato
•Tomato- Technically a Fruit (Orange & Red)

High Vitamin Fruit

Fruit contains natural sugar so moderate doses is advised. Here's a list of some of the healthiest fruits.

•Peaches & Nectarines

Good Mood Foods: What We Eat Affects Our Happiness

Raw Nuts Are Also Good Mood Foods

Almost any type of raw nuts are great for you and while many people complain about the high amount of fat.

Nuts contain healthy fat, the kind both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which lower bad cholesterol levels.

Benefits Of Omega-3 On The Brain

Omega-3 fatty acids are great for the brain. According to a WebMD Article there has been numerous research done via mental health benefits of Omega 3.

The article documents that lower levels of omega-3 were depression sufferers: “Then in the May 1999 Archives of General Psychiatry, Andrew Stoll, MD, and colleagues reported a study of fish oil in 30 manic-depressive patients. Sixty-four percent of those who took 10 grams of fish oil per day for four months reported a marked improvement in their symptoms. By contrast, only 19 percent of those receiving the placebo benefited.”

Why Take Omega-3 Supplements?

By taking omega-3 supplements or eating your omegas via fish and other foods, you are helping your brain to produce more happiness and less depression. As a matter of fact, omega-3 helps to create health brain cells, warding off mental illness. Dr. Andrew Weil poses the question in an article (Fish Oil For Depression?) whether fish oil indeed helps with more than just depression:

“A great deal of scientific data links low tissue levels of EPA and DHA to a host of mental/emotional disorders, including depression, violent behavior, suicide, and learning disabilities. Dietary supplementation with these fats, usually in the form of fish oil, has proved to be an effective, natural and nontoxic therapy for bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder and other health concerns.”

The interesting thing about eating our way to a better mood is that it seems too simple. Emotional wellness means being able to manage our emotions, why make it harder on ourselves if we don’t have to? What we fuel our bodies with not only can cause our bodies to bloat, but our mood and focus to plummet.

Good Mood Foods Help You Avoid Weight Gain & Reduce Health Problems

Good Mood Foods: What We Eat Affects Our Happiness

Eating high amounts of fat + sugar + breads + baked goods + pasta + fried + processed + high in sodium = formula for weight gain.

In short, you can develop high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and are at greater risk of having a heart attack.

A medical study also concludes that patients with healthier lifestyles are less likely to have a stroke versus those who digest a high fat diet.

Positive or negative thinking can often relate to what we eat. So, if you want to give your day an extra dose of energy and positivity then start by what you eat.

Get Back Your Smile & Eat Your Good Mood Foods

Good Mood Foods


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