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Grapefruit Season! Burn Fat All Summer With This Magical Fruit

Who doesn’t want to burn fat? Well, if you like grapefruit you’re already ahead of the game. Like many citrus fruits, it has fat-burning properties. But unlike many other citrus fruits, grapefruit is considered a star fat burner.

The iconic “Grapefruit Diet” aside, incorporating this fruit into your every day healthy diet is a great idea if your goal is weight loss or maintenance. Eating just a half before each meal is considered, at the very least, a great way to get fiber that reduces your appetite and balances your regulatory system.

Since there are a million and one ways to enjoy them, we’re sharing an innovative way to incorporate grapefruit into each meal of the day.

Grapefruit for Breakfast

Already considered mainly a breakfast food, there’s nothing incredibly revolutionary about pairing it with the first meal of the day. But a less-employed method of enjoying grapefruit is to bake it.

Putting a half sprinkled with a bit of stevia and cinnamon into an 375-degree oven for 15 minutes makes a delectable dish. Pair it with a slice of multigrain toast topped with avocado and egg and you have a winning start to the day.

Grapefruit for Lunch

Keeping lunch light but satiating is easy when you pair citrus with seafood. Marinating sushi-grade salmon or ahi tuna in the juice from a fresh ruby red with a tablespoon of olive oil and fresh herbs will brighten up the sashimi and up its nutrient factor.

Grapefruit for Dinner

There are countless ways to incorporate citrus into a salad, but a particularly great one for summer is a Kale, Grapefruit, and Avocado Salad. Toss some fresh chunks of citrus over a bed of fresh kale greens with avocado, cucumber, and your favorite protein and you’ve got a dinner that will both excite you and fill you up. Dress it with oil and vinegar and enjoy satisfying your daily nutrient goals with a big bowl of this winner.

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In addition to being a highly affordable and versatile fruit, grapefruit is delicious all on its own. Enjoying it as a mid-morning or midday snack is sure to give you energy and create a feeling of fullness. It even pairs well with 310 Vanilla as a substitute for the orange in the Orange Cream smoothie recipe.

Ultimately, enjoying this citrus superstar any time of day is a winning way to complement your diet. Pick some up today and look for daily ways to make it a part of your meal plan!

Bon appétit!

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