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Home Fitness Center Essentials for Under $150

Yes, #GymIsLife but sometimes traveling to the gym is just not ideal. For financial reasons, personal reasons, reasons of convenience…not everyone employing a fitness lifestyle is in a rush to a fitness facility. Outdoor workouts are another option, but sometimes it’s even more desirable to just work out at home. It’s possible to build a home fitness center worthy of competition with your gym, one that offers the same benefits. It’s also possible to do this inexpensively.

Indeed, here are five items to start the home fitness center that gives you the workout you deserve:

1. )  Stability Ball ($29)

This piece of equipment will be the cornerstone of your workout routine. Stability balls aid in a variety of fitness movements, and help with core development all the while. Some examples of stability ball exercises include:

  • Push-Up. This exercise requires you to lift your upper body with your arms while resting your elevated legs on the stability ball.
  • Ball Pass. This move involves passing the stability ball between your legs, lowering it to the ground using your legs, and crunching up with your core to retrieve it.
  • Frog Jump. This involves holding the ball overhead and jumping up while spreading your legs in the jump.
  • Wall Squats. This move involves pressing the ball against the wall with your back and squatting, without releasing the ball.

2.)  Resistance Bands ($28)

Rather than investing in expensive dumbbells and free weights, resistance bands help you use your own body weight to tone and strengthen. Some popular exercises include:

  • Band Twist. Wrap your band around an anchor point, at hip height. Grab the end of the band with both hands. Move away to create tension and, keeping your back straight, twist away from the anchor point until you have no additional range of motion. Return to start, slow and controlled.
  • Band Curls. Stand with the band under your feet, and your feet spread past shoulder width. Curl your arms slowly up and down as though you’re curling free weights.
  • Band Squat. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, the middle of the band securely under your feet. Pull the bands up to your shoulders as you squat deeply, maintaining arm position.

3.)  Bosu Ball ($48)

Bosu “Both Sides Up” balls are most often used for balance training. True the acronym source, both sides of the device are used for training. Useful Bosu exercises include:

  • Bosu Plank. This involves gripping the Bosu, ball side down and planking while stabilizing the ball.
  • Single Leg Bosu Ball Plank. Although the same as the Bosu Plank, this involves lifting a leg during the plank. This exercise is performed on both sides.
  • Bosu Ball Sit-Ups and Crunches. To perform this drill, the Bosu is placed flat side down. Rest your tailbone on the curve of the ball, and sit-up and/or crunch, using only your abs.

4.)  Foam Roller ($15)

While many people see massage as a luxury, massage is actually essential to any fitness regimen. Finding ways to release the tension created by use and overuse of muscles. Self-myofascial release–often called “the poor man’s massage” is fundamentally self-bodywork. Performing this technique daily increases blood flow, recovery, and range of motion. It also protects against injury. Foam rolling is most important for:

  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Hip Flexors

5.)  Jump Rope ($17)

You can burn a lot of calories using a jump rope. In fact, you can burn 200 calories in 20 minutes.

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