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Hurricane Harvey: Help For Humanity

Sep 01, 2017
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Good health means not only caring for our bodies but also our mental state. Often, traumatic events can take a psychological and emotional toll, especially natural disasters like the devastation taking place in Texas.

Harvey is on record as the wettest cyclone in U.S. history, and it has left much of the greater Houston area as well as nearby Beaumont and Port Author under water. It has forced tens of thousands of residents to flee their homes and has claimed at least 39 lives. Now moving through Louisiana and forecast to continue through the Ohio Valley this weekend, Harvey has so far accounted for an estimated $10 billion to $160 billion in damages, especially as more than 80 percent of Houston homeowners had no flood insurance.

Hurricane Harvey & Record-Breaking Rainfall

The sustained, torrential rains of Harvey didn’t just leave behind a record-breaking 50 inches of water, the most in United States history. Overflowing dams and a lack of proper drainage in Houston have led to incalculable stress and trauma for residents as they attempt to make sense of this life-altering disaster. For example, according to USA Today[1], most homeowner insurance policies do not cover flood damage:

“Homeowners insurance typically covers just damage from winds, not floods. For that, you need separate coverage from the federally run National Flood Insurance Program. The insurance must be bought by homeowners with federally-backed mortgages living in the most vulnerable areas, called Special Flood Hazard Zones.”

Frighteningly, weather experts expect Harvey’s flood waters to continue hampering relief efforts in Texas for days and even weeks to come. Unfortunately, Harvey’s death toll may continue to rise. Currently, 30,000 Houston residents are temporarily homeless and in shelters.

The American Red Cross[2] has issued a plea to mental health professionals to assist the devastated Houston community. In fact, psychological research links a direct correlation to increased mental health issues and natural disasters. One such study published in the Journal of Community Psychology[3] tracked 26 tornado victims to determine the mental health consequences of surviving a natural disaster:

“The results, based on retrospective accounts, indicated that approximately three-fourths of the victims suffered increased psychological discomfort of a subjective nature five months later. This discomfort was characterized by anxiety, nervousness, and mild somatic complaints.”

Harvey Claims A Family Of 6

One of the most tragic results of Hurricane Harvey is a family of 6 who died in the flood waters. Great-grandparents Manuel (84) and Belia Saldivar (81) were watching their great-grandchildren Daisy (6), Xaviar (8), Dominic (14), and Devy (16). The children’s great-uncle, Samuel Saldivar, attempted to come to evacuate the trapped family. However, as Samuel tried to drive them away, water swept away the van they were riding in.

Samuel is the lone survivor of this tragedy, managing to escape in the nick of time. But the rest of the family wasn’t as lucky. According to reports, the van sank quickly with the two great-grandparents and four children trapped inside. NBC News[4] reported Wednesday evening that authorities located the van buried in a nearby bayou. There were no survivors.

How 310 Nutrition & Other Companies Are Giving Back

Giving to Texas and others devastated by this tragedy is imperative. 310 Gym, and Kashmere Kollections Oils are collaborating from September 6-8 to support relief efforts. During these three days, we are donating 100% of all sales to the relief efforts in Houston.

Donations Also Benefit Mental Health

According to research by the America Association For The Advancement Of Science, giving can increase our level of happiness:

“Although much research has examined the effect of income on happiness, we suggest that how people spend their money may be at least as important as how much money they earn. Specifically, we hypothesized that spending money on other people may have a more positive impact on happiness than spending money on oneself.

Providing converging evidence for this hypothesis, we found that spending more of one’s income on others led to greater happiness both cross-sectionally (in a nationally representative survey study) and longitudinally (in a field study of windfall spending). Finally, participants who were randomly assigned to spend money on others experienced greater happiness than those assigned to spend money on themselves.”

Changing Lives One Purchase At A Time

Hurricane Harvey: Help For HumanityMost of the Harvey victims will have to rebuild their lives from scratch. Needless to say, experts project that it will take over 10 years for the city of Houston to fully recover. 310 Nutrition is all about improving quality of life through proper health, nutrition, and fitness. Therefore, giving back is one way 310 Nutrition wishes to show support for Houston.

You are impacting lives by purchasing from 310 Gym, or Kashmere Kollection’s essential oils. Every purchase you make gives back to the Houston community that has lost so much due to Hurricane Harvey. So, do not delay, as this is a limited 3-day opportunity to make a difference.

As more than 30,000 Houston residents are now temporarily homeless, you will be doing more than just purchasing a product. You will be positively impacting your health as well as assisting the Houston community that desperately needs help.

Give back and help Houston by purchasing products from the following:

310 Gym

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  1. This is so heartbreaking! I had not heard about this tragic story of the family that died in the hurricane. Thank you for sharing about ways to help the survivors.

  2. We’ve been watching the news from day 1 and the devastation is heartbreaking. But so glad that there are a lot of people willing to lend a helping hand.

  3. This whole situation is just devastating! I hadn’t heard about the family of 6 that lost their lives while trying to evacuate. That is so tragic. I have been donating money around town for the relief efforts, but wish there was more I could do.

    • Yes, children were trapped in the vehicle…such a tragedy and loss. I am so glad that you have been donating money for the cause. 310 Gym and Kashmere Kollections (oils) are donating proceeds, as in whatever you purchase goes to the cause. Feel free to check both, the links are in the blog. You’ll be donating to Hurricane Harvey when you purchase until 9/8.

    • I’m glad that Irma missed Puerto Rico, but it’s scary that Irma will likely affect Miami. Help is all we can do, it’s great that so many companies are coming together to assist Harvey victims.

  4. My name is Lannis Douglas. I love the 310 Products. I also live in Houston. Have been here since my birth in 1964. I am truly blessed that my family and I did not suffer a loss. My heart goes out to the family that lost their 6 family members that drowned. All of Houston and the whole world are saddened by this lost. I want to personally thank EVERYONE from tbe bottom of my heart for ALL that you are doing to help us here in Houston. Thank you so much for your love, your giving, your support and most of all your prayers. GOD is STILL good…and he is GOOD all the time. Continue to pray! I thank him daily for ALL that he has done, what he is doing NOW and for what HE is about to do. Thank you 310 Nutrition and supporters. I love you all! ~Lannis Douglas~


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