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Great News for You and Your Diet: The Importance of Cheat Meals

Here’s the best news you’ll hear all day: you deserve a cheat meal! When you’re working out regularly and eating healthy, you may feel like deviating from that clean diet is a regression. But in fact it’s just the opposite. Rather, taking a couple days out of the week to eat foods that aren’t as healthy isn’t just a “cheat”, it’s a necessity for weight loss.

First of all, “cheat” has a negative connotation that makes food seem bad. It’s this thinking that keeps many unhealthy. In fact, I prefer to say “treat” meals and “treat” days instead. But, in keeping with industry standard, we’ll stick with “cheat” here; just know it’s all in cheeky fun.

How to Have a Cheat Meal

The “cheat meal” is all the rage. In fact, celebrity trainers and nutritionists widely agree that it’s essential to health optimization, touting it as a pinnacle of a balanced lifestyle. Dolvett Quince of NBC’s The Biggest Loser even published a book about it, The 3-1-2-1 Diet. The idea of this diet is rapid and maximum weight loss from clean eating for three days with one off-day followed by two days of clean eating and another break day. This plan not only keeps you engaged in your lifestyle, but shocks your metabolism by not allowing it to get completely used to your healthy diet. Consequently, it staves off plateaus.

Don’t “Cheat” or “Treat” Too Much

Even though “cheat days” are necessary, we can’t view them as hall passes to eat every fatty or sugary food we miss. Calories still matter, and limiting your “cheat”/”treat” to a single meal and not spreading it over a day is best. Having pancakes or a doughnut for breakfast is one way to observe a day; enjoying a turkey burger for dinner is another.

Make Sure The Rest of Your Diet Is Balanced

It’s important to make sure the regular days are balanced. That said, one of the best ways to manage your nutrition and your calorie intake is by replacing two key meals with 310 shakes. By enjoying the great recipes possible with 310 shake powders, you can enjoy great taste while managing your macronutrients.

The High Protein Lifestyle For Weight Loss: Dos & Don'ts

Summarily, there are a million ways to enjoy some off-time from your diet, but your choices will be uniquely you. By keeping track of calories and maintaining balanced, regular workouts, every “cheat” day will be a treat to your body and your goals.

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