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Shannon Lewis Lost 30 Pounds With 310 Nutrition

Apr 26, 2017

310 Nutrition has been an enormous life changer for me. I have degenerative discs in my spine that prevent me from being active at all. My doctor said that I am allowed to walk when I need to and that’s it. The problem, which started roughly ten years ago, got continually worse and I found myself depressed and self-medicating with food.

I Hated The Way I Looked

Although I always shied away from the camera, I saw a picture of myself someone had taken in the Dominican Republic and I was disgusted. I knew I needed some help to get back on track.

Noticing posts from Teresa Guidice and JWoww on Instagram about 310 Nutrition is when decided to get a 310 Starter Kit. I immediately loved 310 Shake and started replacing one meal a day with it. But the magic started to happen when I began replacing two meals a day with shakes!

Losing 20 Pounds With 310 Nutrition

I lost my first 20 pounds using 310 Shakes and then I added more 310 products including the 310 Tea, 310 Lemonade, and 310 Thin and then I lost even more! In two months I lost 30 pounds using 310 products!

After I have surgery for my back, I will eventually be able to exercise again, and then I will add that to my routine. But it’s been an incredible blessing that I have been able to lose so much weight without even doing that, just by having my two 310 shakes a day and other 310 products.

Why I Love 310 Shakes!

I LOVE the new 310 Shake formula, and so far my favorite flavor is the Vanilla. My goal is to lose another 50 pounds, and I know that with 310 products, I can make that happen!

Now I look at current pictures of myself and I feel proud. I even had a photo session done for my birthday and I posed and felt amazing! When I look back on my past photos, I am amazed at what I’ve accomplished. My advice to others would be to just try 310 Shake. It’s easy, it’s not that expensive, and it works! Pick a plan that’s right for you, and add more products as you need them. It’s that simple. Just start and then you can look back and bask in your journey to success!

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Shannon’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.



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