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The Best Fitness Apps to Help You Get In Your Best Shape

Jul 06, 2016
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Staying accountable to your fitness goals has never been easier with the best fitness apps around. Years ago, you would have to carefully write out calories or set up a session with a fitness coach. Today, fitness apps have made getting fit and eating right much easier. There are a range of fitness apps to choose from, so we’ve listed our favorites. We highlight the best features, so you can choose one that will help you reach your fitness goals. We’ve limited our list to apps that are free. (Some offer ad-free versions you can pay for, or in-app purchases).

1. My Fitness Pal: One of the most popular and best fitness apps, My Fitness Pal is a multi-tasking option with a large database.

Features: Calorie tracking, a huge database of foods, barcode scanner for easy entry, fitness tracking.

Who It’s For: People wanting to keep track of their calories with little effort.


2. Fitocracy: This app makes exercise fun by turning it into a social network of sorts, complete with a gamer component to help you improve your workout routine.

Features: Exercise routines, “gamer” element of points and leveling up.

Who It’s For: If competition motivates you, this app is for you!


3. Nike+: A well-known name in fitness, Nike’s app has a respectable library of workout routines.

Features: Workout routines, tracks running routes, syncs with music.

Who It’s For: This app is great for people wanting to stay in shape.


4.  Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App: HIIT workouts are all the rage, and for good reason: it’s a great way to get fit in a short amount of time.

Features: Customizable workouts in duration and intensity.

Who It’s For: People wanting to get fit with minimal time investment.

5. UP: This app is put out by Jawbone and while it’s designed to be used with a Jawbone fitness tracker, it can also be connected with your phone’s sensors.

Features: Tracks steps taken, calories burned, activity intensity. It can manually input data to track food and drink.

Who It’s For: Anyone wanting to easily keep track of their daily activity level, especially if you use a Jawbone fitness tracker.


6. Workout Trainer: This handy app is a library of audio and video workout routines.

Features: Audio and video exercise instructions, ability to customize routines with videos, access community routines.

Who It’s For: People looking for an easy introduction to exercise.


7. Fitbit: A well-known name, the app is built to be used with Fitbit tracker, like UP, can also be used stand-alone with your phone.

Features: Tracks exercise, pedometer, food tracking option, barcode scanner, calorie estimator.

Who It’s For: Best for Fitbit users, but even if you aren’t one, it’s a great pedometer.

8. Pact: In a unique twist, this app gets money involved: you wager money about whether you’ll go to the gym. If you check in at the gym, you earn; if you don’t, you lose.

Features: Keeps you accountable to your workout routine by making you pay – literally – if you don’t follow through!

Who It’s For: People looking for a new way to keep themselves accountable – and possibly even earn a little money!

There’s truly something out there for everyone! What do you think are your best fitness apps? Did we miss your favorites? Share in the comments!

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