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Prepare for the Holidays in Style! Thanksgiving Spice Delight: 315 Calories

Apr 25, 2017

When Thanksgiving is approaching, our tastes for certain combinations comes about. So does the desire not to unwittingly go up a clothes size–or two–by the holidays’ end! Sweet and savory fall food marriages of apple and cinnamon help with healthy decisions preparing for the holidays. You can indulge in a delicious dessert-style smoothie featuring 310 Shake Vanilla.

The Thanksgiving Spice Delight Stars: Apple

It’s been said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, and it’s not an empty platitude. Apples have wide-ranging health benefits that cover everything from preventing diabetes and heart disease to eliminating constipation and providing relief from dysentery. With a natural sweetness that satiates and suppresses the appetite, apples organically aid in digestion due to their load of fiber.

This magic fruit also helps detoxify the body and improve overall health. They are beneficial to anyone suffering from arthritis or other autoimmune conditions since they’re highly anti-inflammatory.

Apples are also rich in Vitamin A, boosting eye health and improving eyesight. From a cosmetic standpoint, it’s a wonder application for dental health and skin appearance.

Lastly, as with most fruits, apples are a reliable source of Vitamin C, boosting immunity and energy.

As always, 310 Shake Vanilla delivers 15 grams of plant-based protein, five grams of fiber, and a host of essential vitamins and minerals. Deliciously, Thanksgiving Spice Delight blends in granola, which gives the taste of crust. Mixed with cinnamon and peanut butter, and blended with almond milk, the result is a shake so decadent you’ll almost feel guilty–almost!

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