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Winter Dehydration & Diuretics: Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration and even extreme dehydration can happen to anyone. You don’t need to be in hot summer climate to become dehydrated.

So, what is dehydration?

Winter Dehydration & Diuretics: Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration is when the body loses too many fluids. Regardless if your body is not sweating from excess heat, you can lose fluids in different ways. One way to lose fluids is by taking diuretics or anything that will make you frequently go to the bathroom.

Diuretics That Can Make You “Go”

Super Dieter’s Tea

Unlike 310 tea, which is not intended to make you repeatedly run to the bathroom, Super Dieter’s Tea will. While some consider this a great weight loss approach, diuretics like Super Dieter’s Tea can give you severe diarrhea. Flushing out the body too much zaps nutrients and leaves you dehydrated as a result.

Smooth Move

Another laxative tea will get your bowels moving, as you drink it at night. And then the next morning…watch out! Unlike 310 tea that is packed with vitamins and antioxidants from ingredients like pomegranate and metabolism boosting green tea, Smooth Move can give you a bad case of the runs. Many people take it not because they are constipated but rather because they’re looking for a drop a few pounds.

Stool Softeners & Colon Cleansers

Sometimes people looking to lose weight will use stool softeners as a quick weight loss remedy. However, you are likely ridding your body of anything and everything you eat. This will deplete any liquids you intake, too, and dehydrate your body from the fluids it requires.

Winter Dehydration & Diuretics: Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough WaterWater Pills

Many women try to take the shortcut and claim the extra weight they are carrying is “water weight.” While this might be true, popping a pill that makes you excessively urinate is not a long-term weight loss solution. If you have a doctor’s prescribed water pill, that’s one thing. But, water pills in general pressure the kidneys into flushing salt and excess water via urine. The problem with taking water pills is that once you stop taking them, your kidneys resume their previous function. After all, we aren’t meant to be running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. While some of us have smaller bladders and have frequent the restroom. Generally speaking, our kidneys will go back to absorbing salt and water.

Natural Calm Magnesium

This one is one I personally admit to taking because it contains magnesium and is not bad for you. While magnesium does make you go to the bathroom, it does not cause cramping. Many doctors and hospitals will prescribe magnesium to children and adults who are constipated. Natural Calm is by far the safest from this list.

Like the Smooth Move tea, you drink it at night as it provides a calming effect. If you’re looking to relax, magnesium is an excellent way to go. If you have constipation and looking for something healthy to unplug you, Natural Calm will do so. But, be warned magnesium loosens the bowels and flushes you out. You will not feel the effects until the next day and most of the day.

Winter Dehydration & Diuretics: Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough WaterMagnesium Requires Drinking A Lot Of Water

Recently, while undergoing a routine physical, my doctor came back with test results and scolded me for being extremely dehydrated. She said that it appeared as if I didn’t drink or eat anything in 3 days. My doctor said that if I didn’t go home straight away and drink a gallon of water, she was going to admit me to the hospital and force an IV to rehydrate me.

It turns out, I drank Natural Calm a magnesium drink the previous night before, and it worked too well. Although I was drinking and eating, the magnesium had flushed out my body to the extent that it appeared as if I was fasting. As a result, I became extremely dehydrated. I didn’t feel sick or light headed. If it weren’t for my doctor running routine test on me, I would never have known I was dehydrated.

The moral of the story is that magnesium is good for you but requires that you drink plenty of water. The same is true when taking any kind of weight loss supplement.

Many Diuretics End Up Making You Gain Weight

Many diuretics can make you gain weight such as laxatives like Super Dieter’s Tea, water pills, and others. Because once you stop taking it your body rebounds and reabsorbs more water than before. Once you stop taking laxatives, you might pack on more weight than before taking laxatives. Additionally, you can trigger your body to suffer from diuretic-induced edema, which is when your kidneys hold on to more water and sodium than it needs. One characteristic of diuretic-induced edema is chronic swelling.

Stay Hydrated During Winter Months!

It’s imperative to stay hydrated even during the winter months because dehydration can occur. Our body’s thirst[1] response decreases by 40% in the winter time even when dehydrated. This is due to blood vessels constricting when cold weather hits, which ultimately helps for blood to flow to the core and thus conserving heat.

Therefore, you might not feel as thirsty during cold months, and yet urine production can increase. Increase in urine production during winter months is also known as cold-induced diuresis[2]. This is when the kidneys increase urine production as a result of colder climates.

An increase in urine production without drinking enough because you don’t fee “thirsty” can lead to winter dehydration.

310 has great accessories that will help quinch your thirst:

Mega Bottle

Winter Dehydration & Diuretics: Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough Water

  • Holds 40 oz. of your favorite drink, keeping it cold or hot for longer.
  • Stainless steel double wall vacuum insulation.
  • Wide mouth opening makes it easy to clean and add ice.
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  • Keeps hot beverages hot for up to 6 hours.
  • Odor- and bacteria-resistant.
Hydrator Bottle
  • Holds 17 oz. of your favorite drink, keeping it cold or hot for longer.
  • Designed to keep beverages cold for 12 hours and hot for 6, our water bottles feature double wall construction with vacuum heat insulation.
  • Perfectly sized to keep you hydrated all day long, from your morning commute, to meetings, to yoga class, to work.
  • Vacuum insulated to keep liquids and carbonated beverages fresh.
  • Our 310 Hydrator bottle is environmentally sustainable. All materials used are 100% recyclable.
Super Cup
  • Your personal hydration power station
  • Holds 30 oz. of your favorite drink, keeping it cold or hot for longer
  • Stainless steel double walled construction Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot
  • BPA-free, has a No Sweat Design to make sure your hands stay dry.
  • Rust resistant for long-lasting use
  • Holds 750 ml of water or cold drink of your choice.
  • Internal container, which holds fruit of your choice, making water infused with natural fruit.
  • BPA-Free, dishwasher safe and convenient for travel.
  • Not intended for hot drinks.
  • Holds 12 oz of water or milk of your choice including one scoop (33 g) of 310 shake.
  • In one swift motion, you can make your protein shake without the need for a blender.
  • Secure screw top lid with snap-shut spout.
  • BPA-Free and convenient for travel.

Winter Dehydration & Diuretics: Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough Water








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