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Workout At Home: Core Training Using Exercise Sliders

Exercise sliders can truly crank your exercise routine up a whole new level. So, if you’re sick of the same old thing, you can do push-ups, leg exercises, and work out your core with exercise sliders. Bring back the sweat and bring back the burn.

The best resistant training equipment around actually does not need to cost half or all of your paycheck. Resistant training exercises are great because they usually entail using your own body weight. It doesn’t require expensive equipment and you can do them usually at home.

Tighten Glutes & Have Cellulite-Free Thighs With Exercise Sliders

Workout At Home: Core Training Using Exercise Sliders

Slider Leg Kick Backs

In a semi-squatting position, knees partly bent, doing one leg at a time, slide your leg back. You want to kick your leg behind you. These leg kickbacks work your gluts, hamstrings, and quads.

Slider Skaters

Doing another semi-squat where your butt is sticking out, keep one leg planted and the other leg slide it out on the horizontal plane.

Slider Hamstring Runners

Lying flat on your back, make sure you put both feet on either slider, and then lift your hip up. You’re essentially doing a running motion with your legs, lying flat on your back. If you want to tighten your hamstrings and gluts, this is one sure way of achieving this.

Exercise gliders are fantastic because they weigh less than your smart phone and can get you feeling the burn quickly. You can use sliders on almost any type of surface: hardwood, carpet, cement, etc.

Exercise Sliders: Pecs + Upper Chest + Core

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Spiderman Pushups Using Sliders

You can do pushups while sliding your legs behind you. You work your legs and your chest.

Slider Arm Circles

Keeping your elbows half bent, alternate each arm by sliding circles above your head. All of these exercises not only workout your arms and chest, but your core toning your abs.

Alternating Arm Slider Pushups

Begin with both sliders next to each other at the center of your chest and then alternate each arm. It doesn’t matter which arm you begin with, just do one at a time, sliding each out one horizontally.

Rock Hard Abs & Core With Exercise Sliders

Working Your Core

To tighten your core, which is your abs, sit and lift your legs. Make sure to keep them together. Lift them about 3 inches off the ground, then take a slider and slide it underneath your legs from left to right. Repeat this until you reach persona fatigue.

Almost all of the exercises, when done correctly, can target your core muscles giving you a nice flat 6 pack if you work hard enough.

310Gym Exercise SlidersGet Exercise Sliders With 310GYM

I’m telling you so many workouts can be done using exercise sliders. It is the best way to get a hardcore, challenging core workout that truly gives you a burn! You can get the 310GYM exercise sliders by themselves for $24.00!

310Gym Bum Builder Kit

You can get the Gym Bum Builder Kit, which includes 3 resistant bands (heavy, medium, light) exercise sliders, a jump rope, and a 310 shaker cup. It’s on sale now for 50% off dropping the price to just $39.50!

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There are two more packages that offer a yoga ball and yoga mat, but that’s not all. You’ll also get a 310 gym bag, yoga ball and a 310 shaker cup too. The starter kit is also on sale for 55% off dropping the price to $58.95.

The 310 total gym comes with everything just listed plus 8 different types of resistant bands, plus your very own 310 workout towel. You get it all for $98.00, that’s 55% off the original price.

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You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get drop the fat and begin to shred. So, invest in a pair of exercise sliders and get your burn on!

Get Your Fit On & Let it Burn Baby!

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