Motivation Is A Muscle: Let Insecurities Go & Start Now

Motivation Is A Muscle: Let Insecurities Go & Start Now

Jun 07, 2017
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Motivation is a lot like a dormant, unused muscle that will likely be a challenge resuscitating at first. It’s about overcoming fear by resurrecting you without limits.

However, you can start right where you are at right now. After all, everyone is in different places in life.

The best thing to do when you are on this fitness journey is to not compare yourself to someone else. Many people dislike working out at the gym because they start to compare themselves to someone in much better shape. Never feel insecure and intimidated by a gym.

Choose The Best Way To Exercise For You

Get Fit

There are three main ways you can get fit and not one solution works for everyone.

  • Join a gym
  • Exercise outdoors
  • Work out at home

If you decide to join a gym, it’s easy to worry about what other people are thinking. Regardless, the most important thing to focus on is your own path and journey. Do not compare yourself to the person next to you that might be running, while you are walking.

The absolute most critical thing is to start where you are at and forget about where you think you should be. At least you are beginning. You drove to the gym after a long hard day at work or woke up extra early. If you are at the gym and exercising, this is half the battle.

Be Kind To Yourself

This phrase sounds cliché, but reminding ourselves is necessary, and that is to be kind to the person staring back in the mirror. Do not beat yourself up if you slip during the journey because we all do. It serves no one if you shame and guilt yourself for gaining weight or for consuming too many calories one day.

Taking a before picture as a tool for motivation is perfectly fine. However, use it as fuel to get yourself to where you would like to be. I find this especially true if you are working out alone and or if you workout at home. So, another part of working out and getting moving is to get a workout partner if you need the extra accountability.

Don’t Rush & Embrace Your Weightloss Journey

Motivation is a Muscle: Let Go Of Insecurities & Start Where You Are At

We all want, to hurry up and “get there already” but life is all about making memories and embracing the journey. It reminds me of some moms that decide to take pictures of each week of their pregnancy. Taking the time to document your progress is an excellent way to inspire yourself and others. It’s not too late for you to document your progress and efforts. Simply enjoy the journey and celebrate each milestone you make even if it’s increasing your cardio from 30 minutes a day to 45 minutes. Every step is an achievement in the direction of progress because every step forward is not a step backward.

Boost Your Motivation: Commit To Memory A Mantra Or Favorite Quote

This might sound elementary, but just think about Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It!” I mean, we are talking about 3 words and yet that slogan is so powerful. No need to attempt to memorizing something complex, just keep it simple and try to think of a mantra you can remember.

Take a corkboard and pin up your favorite quote or pin it to your Facebook, write it down on a whiteboard, somewhere you can see it. Whatever you decide to do: write, memorize, and say your personal motivational slogan to yourself whenever you feel like battling negative internal voices. You can overcome your own self-doubt by flexing your motivation muscle. After all, encouragement helps to push us farther than we ever thought we could go.

Progress Won’t Stop If You Don’t!







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    • I’m so glad that it motivated you. The objective is to push past our excuses or need to procrastinate. I just bought a home exercise equipment and it arrives this Friday, can’t wait! 🙂

  1. This is so helpful. I have just started the gym after my hip replacement. I was so nervous about what other people thought of me, that I couldn’t do a lot of the things they had to offer in the gym. By the time my first hour passed I realised no one was looking at me, they are all concentrating on improving themselves (or taking ridiculous selfies instead of actually working out, why!?)

    • So sorry for your hip injury. I hope that you are feeling much better and able to exercise without pain. I know that hip surgery recovery time can often take a while. When I had surgery on my right knee, I found out that I had not only a torn ACL but no ACL remaining. They had to use cadaver tissue to fashion a new ACL. My meniscus was also torn in 2 different places. I was in a full leg brace for several months. Oney of the best ways to recover from major surgery is to get up and get moving. I believe it sped up healing time.

      I know what you mean about feeling insecure about hitting the gym. I felt like that some times especially after I had my daughter. But, you are so right. After an hour passes, you realize no one is focused on you. It’s a relief knowing that everyone is probably a little insecure about something and maybe that’s why so many enjoy taking selfie’s to boost their confidence.

      Anyway, I’m a firm believer in pushing past our fears. I think we are stronger than we realize when we put our minds to something. 🙂

    • I know what you mean Janella, as I wrote it I felt myself saying “practice what you preach!” I have to “eat my own words” on this one too and get my myself motivated somehow. I found that I stopped working out when I started working full time. I didn’t want to go in the mornings because I can’t seem to wake up at the crack of dawn. So, I bought an exercise machine at home! It arrives tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Really great mantra to live by. I make sure to break a sweat for at least thirty minutes a day and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated because of the hot summers.


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